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Original hand-painted Live edge killer Whale acrylic painting

$ 900.00 USD
Original Painting
This is an original painting that I did of a male Biggs Transient Killer whale T123A, “Stanley”. As soon as I saw this photograph I knew I had the paint it! He is one of the many Killer whales that reside in the Salish Sea. Stanley, named after Stanley Park in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, is a male killer whale who was born in 2000. Stanley is the first offspring of Sidney (T123) and has two younger siblings, Lucky (T123C) and Darcy (T123D). Stanley received his name after he made a rare visit to Vancouver’s Inner Harbour in May 2011. He is one of my favorite whales to see, his distinctive large dorsal fin is quite easy to identify. This gorgeous painting will look stunning in your home or office or a must for your beach house! This is an original painting and a rare find. Comes with a certificate of authenticity Measures 22” x 15” FREE SHIPPING!